Resident Instructor

David Rush, has developed an extensive teaching background both inside and outside the karate dojo for over 30 years. He provides club members with a healthy and challenging pursuit and, the opportunity to experience the thrill of this ancient martial art. David is a volunteer teacher who has taught karate at several SKIA state and national seminars and also at SKIF dojos in Japan and Europe.

He began karate in 1982 and joined the Shotokan Karate Association of Australia (now SKIA) in 1985. He trained with Hirokazu Kanazawa Soke (10th Dan and founder of SKIF) many times earning his 1st to 3rd dan grades directly from Soke. David was graded to 4th Dan by Nobuaki Kanazawa Kancho (8th Dan) in 2014 and to 5th Dan by Manabu Murakami Shihan (8th Dan) in 2022. He has taught karate and competed in sport karate since 2002, is a qualified Coach with the Australian Sports Commission, an International SKIF Referee and a qualified Fitness Instructor. David was a previous AKF State Coach (ACT) and Australian Team Manager (SKIA) and is a current SKIA NSW State Committee member. David has coached dozens of students to state and national competition success.

As a masters sport karate athelete on the SKIA Team for many years, David has an accute appreciation of the physical and mental committment required to compete at international level. He has faced some formidable opponents and challanges but despite winning six national titles, and three world championships medals, it has never been about the trophies. He just wanted to improve his karate and push beyond his limits. This was achieved with hard work, self-belief and amazing support from coaches, instructors, friends and family. Over the years, David has met these challenges with determination. It hasn't always been easy or successful but he has never given up beleiving in the possiblities.

"In the zone" performing kata in the finals at the SKIF World Championships in Indonesia, 2016. David can vividly remember how it felt when he demonstrated kata in the finals: "The feeling was almost entirely internal - I didn't hear the crowd or think about opponents or the what ifs. I was in tune with my breathing and timing. I focused on segway between relaxation and explosive movements and how I wanted to perform each technique. When I walked off the mats I was very satisfied with what I had accomplished. It was similar with kumite - I did my best leaving everything on the matts. I placed 2nd in Kata and 3rd in Kumite. Looking back to the early days of my karate I can see how far I have come, how much I have grown and learned and how my karate has improved".

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