To join South Coast Shotokan Karate download the membership form (see below), fill it in, supply two passport photos of each applicant and bring it to one of our training sessions. If you have any health issues or injuries, you may be required to get a health practitioner referal before beginning training.

If you are new to martial arts, we recomend you do your homework. The checklist below will help you to find a quality club:

  • Join a club that is a member of a recognised National/International Organisation
  • Does the club cater for different levels, ages and abilities?
  • Check the Instructors'  qualifications, experience and grade (are they Working with Children endorsed)?
  • is the club not-for-profit or a commercial dojo?
  • what is the lineage or pedigree of the Instructor (whith whom have they trained with and been graded by)?
  • is the karate taught safe?
  • how does the Instructor/s communicate with and manage/interact with students and parents in the club?


At South Coast Shotokan Karate we are happy to answer your questions and show you our qualifications.


 Tanaka Sensei and Nobuaki Kanazawa Kancho teaching in Sydney in 2018

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