Membership and Training Fees

New SKIA Membership Fee

Junior - 17 years and under: $85

Senior - 18 years and over: $90

Term Training Fee

Junior: $100 per Term (average of $5/class)

Senior: $140 per Term (average of $7/class)

2nd or more family members: half price

By the class fee: $15/class

Uniforms: from $40

Grading examinations (Kyu Grades)

Junior: $35 per person

Senior: $45 per person

Annual SKIA Membership Renewal Fee 

Junior: $65

Senior: $70

Where a parent is training, they pay the full term training fee and their subsequent family members pay the half price fee according to their age. Training fees are requested at the beginning of each Term.

New Membership and Renewal fees are set by SKIA and include compulsory insurance. Membership discounts apply for families of three or more members.

Training fees pay for hall hire, training equipment, dojo registration, insurance, dojo administration and runing costs.

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